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We all want to believe in something, ether good or bad, they don’t care, any way, they main fact remains that only those who hunger for information can find answers to their problem.

I have been doing a lot of research about blogging and why people are not having fun in the blog world.

People ask questions like

  • What is a blog?
  • What is blogging all about?
  • Who is a blogger?
  • Can I be a blogger?
  • Is it possible to make money with my blog?
  • I have been blogging for some time now and yet I don’t have enough traffic, how do I get traffic to my blog?
  • Is my blog actually accessible through search engine?

And lots more.

If you fall into this category, then I pray you to read on.

There are a lot of eBooks out there which you would pay for to get this information, yes some of them might have something good to offer, but it ends up that you paid for it.

We shall gradually look at they point listed above in details, in order for a good and vivid understanding.

  • What is a blog?

A blog is a personal record that some one or some body put on his website given an account of their activities, their opinions and some times they even discuss places on they internet they have visited. Blogging have been around for a long time and would remain there for along time to come, I ventured in to they would of blogging not to long to be honest but that does not mean that I am less informed, when I started blogging, I was curious and I wanted to know more, am a person that likes to know what am getting my self into even before I started my own blog, in that way, I was up to they task of blogging cause gradually I knew what it entailed, still yet I would not say that I am a guru in they field of blogging but that does not mean that I would not be able to impact some of what I have found out.

  • What is blogging all about


Once a time I was thinking that blogging was some kind of thing done by only those who are guru in web design, but as time passed and with the hunger to know more, I discovered that blogging is a way of getting your opinion heard by they public, and making your self relevant  in they global world, we all know that every day somebody wants to know more about what he is interested in, and this information we find were more or less  written by different people,  this information’s most times are articles, written by other  people like you and I who are only more informed about what we are researching about.

  • Who is a blogger

A blogger is any one (1) who has a blog; this is to say that once you are able to have your blog and this blog of yours is active automatically you are a blogger.

  • Can I be a blogger?

Why not, this is a question that is asked buy citizens of most under developed country, I know cause I my self have asked this question too, am an African, and growing up in a community were there was no water and we suffered  the faith of lack of electricity, so I was not exposed to they life of a global environment, yes I knew what the internet was , but I did not know how it functioned,  I was not to be blamed , for some of you based in they united states this question would be a stupid one to ask, but believe it or not there are a lot of people who ask this question every day.

Yes any one who is interested in the area of article writing or blogging can venture into it, and end up being an expert, I use to tell a friend of mine that I find it very difficult to dream, and one day he gave me an answer to my question, he told me I should imagine something wonderful before I went to bed, from that day I started dreaming, why did I tell you this story, I believe that if  you can imagine it you can dream it and if you can dream it then most certainly you can achieve it .

  • Can I make money with my blog ?

Blogging at first was like a means to have fun with family and friends, where individuals would post issues concerning their school, community,  country, states and also a medium which was used to passing latest celebrity gossip, but today am glade to say that over they years blogging have grown to a money pulling machine, it is now a combination of fun and money pulling device, this is to say you can go play golf with you friends and go to a club while your blog works for you and earn you money periodically,

I know a lot of you will be wondering how possible  this is, yeah very possible I tell you.

First you should have a good content in your blog that you know your audience wants to know about

 Secondly you should be able to pull traffic to your page, we shall talk more of they traffic issue in they next subheading,

Thirdly once you have done all of this, then it is time to make some money, you could get involved in affiliation marketing or better still subscribe to Google  ad scene  this are two of many ways you could make money on your blog, they are still a lot that I did not mention.

 I have been blogging for some time now and yet I don’t have enough traffic, how do I get traffic to my blog?

As easy as it might look, it would take determination of a very dedicated person to get a lot of traffic to his/her site, some of you might have been doing a lot but still to no avail, some of the things am going to discuss below might have been viewed by some of you via another writer but still you have no traffic , yes it either you are not doing it they right way or you did not get they right information.

  • You can get traffic through social networks
  • You can get traffic through forums,


ü  Traffic through social networks

Social net works such as facebook ,twitter and many more can help in your traffic hunt ,I use it and it works for me, I get more than 50 visitor every day ,is that good for a starter or what, this is how I do it, I have a facebook fan page (kingsonly4realwebin) I refer my friends to this page and tell them why they should be a fan at my page, after which you must make sure that you update your post regularly make sure your page is fun ,in that way your fan will visit your page very often  to see what you have to offer, what you write on your fanpage must not necessary reflect what your blog is talking about, but hear is they trick behind it, this many writer do not tell you about, on your fan page once in two days you update your fanpage article this time make it attractive but it should reflect what your blog is talking about,it should look like an abstract, after which when you have captured their interest you refer them to  your blog, constantly you do this once you have a new update on your blog, in that way you would have  unending traffic to your blog.

ü  Through forums

This is cool and not also easy, life is not full of bed of roses this is to say that as easy as it is to join a forum you need to join a forum that reflect they manner of articles you post on your blog, this is cause you need to be able to refer your follow members to a site were they would be able to get a detailed information of what their problems are, secondly you should be an active member in that forum this is cause, if you can not contribute effectively in that forum of your choice your voice would not be heard and as such know one knows of you existence in such forum, if you comment on a forum and refer them with your link , if your comment was good , members would want to know what your blog has to offer them and in that way you would also have  unending traffic to your blog.

How to get a forum that reflect what your blog has to offer, that is as easy as ABC that even a monkey can do, all you need to do is to place a search on they search engine example (money making form, or how do I create my blog forum etc) this are ways to find a good forum.

Is my blog actually accessible through search engine?

Yes it is, a lot of us once we start a blog and post an article ,we immediately  make a search on they search engine with they key word of our topic, is that stupid or what believe it or not it happens, a lot of us do it, in fact I my self also did they same thing, but with time I came to find out that  was stupid of me, search engines like Google have a way they rank our blog, it could be first at they google list, at the same time it could be last, but that would not stop you from blogging that is cause there is no hurry in life, every blog went through this whole process, they fun part of this whole process is with time, your blog will be well ranked in they search engine.

If you have issues about this topic that I did not cover all you need to do is leave your comment, and I would be sure to reply you.


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